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The Controversial Bill

Uganda's head of state, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni started his campaigns with a slogan Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo( term of serious business). Initially the word kisanja had been used to remove term limits from the constitution.
The hope sister together with the backing of the constitution article 102 remains at Museveni will not be eligible to offer himself when other presidential election comes. This belief is based on an interview on a certain tv station. Museveni stated it that a good leader should not exceed 75years in power basing on his ideology.

While the interview is still being remembered by many, the speculations has grown that the ruling party leader is persuading NRM counterparts to grant him a chance to stand for the next presidency.
According to the gazette, the official publication of Uganda released on 8th June, stated it that the country was bringing the constitutional amendment bill to the floor of the parliament.

While the contents of the bill are not yet public, sources close to the justice ministry were, the bill will be authored meaning the amendment of the constitution article 102.
This has been a topical discussion but, may not be brought to the floor of the parliament, a view strong opposition members oppose.

The top 5 leadership organs of cabinet referred the matter of article 102 as a discussion which has been happening and not concretised into a bill and may not be brought with round of amendment that will focus lightly on land for infrastructure development.

The discussion on article 102 is very much conversational on transition, a subject very many members of the first family have chosen to avoid referring it a private issue. If all goes as speculated, we may the old man standing for presidency in 2021.

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