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Kakoma's Body Exhumed

The residents of Mende sub county were shocked when it imaged that the people close to the late George William Kakoma, who composed the Uganda National Anthem had been tempered with and his remains supposedly exhumed.

The police attempted to escavate the grave to confirm whether the remains were missing but, were disrupted by one of the widows, Maria Theresa Nabbukalu and one of the sons, Robert Kyosoka, who allegedly confiscated the secured court order.

The DPC of Mende sub county called upon the residents to keep calm and wait for the processing of the court order by family members. She further cleared the air that, the police is not responsible for bringing the court order but, their role will be to protect them during the exhume.

The situation also forced the family lawyer Gladyce  Nakibuuka to visit the scene to see the impulse to prove, but her efforts were less because of the court order that was still pending.

The government was faulted for ignoring the stateman's family after his demise. The police and the residents were still waiting for the court order to exhume the remains. Just keep your fingers crossed for more tomorrow.

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