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John Ssebana Kizito Checks Out

President, veteran politician and prominent business man, John Ssebana Kizito has passed on. According to medics at Nakasero Hospital, "his heart stopped yesterday morning at around 10:30am.
One of his Doctors narrated to us that;

"stroke was his condition, this is the condition where you have breakage of blood vessels in brain and once it happens, it cuts off blood supplied to the brain and the part of the brain stopps to work and that's what killed him."

Following the  stroke that hit him nearly 3weeks  ago, Ssebana was admitted in the ICU in Nakasero  Hospital after it affected his body and more especially his brain.
This was done with a hope  that one day will come out to see a new dawn.
Politicians, family members and friends have tenaciously eulogised the late as a man who was a good leader and overall a good man;

"He is one of the person who has lived an exemplary life, kind of a person one would like to emulate and he has left real a big legacy. As a mayor of Kampala, he made his mark and contribution and he has been all-rounder and served to his best."
"He has been a leading example in entrepreneurship in descent political leadership and contributed to development of his country, served his King with resounding royalty and he was tenacious in character and above all he was a good man."

Ssebana kizito is gone but his memory will live on because of the good works done. May his soul rest in peace.

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