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Kakoma's Body Exhumed

The residents of Mende sub county were shocked when it imaged that the people close to the late George William Kakoma, who composed the Uganda National Anthem had been tempered with and his remains supposedly exhumed. The police attempted to escavate the grave to confirm whether the remains were missing but, were disrupted by one of the widows, Maria Theresa Nabbukalu and one of the sons, Robert Kyosoka, who allegedly confiscated the secured court order. The DPC of Mende sub county called upon the residents to keep calm and wait for the processing of the court order by family members. She further cleared the air that, the police is not responsible for bringing the court order but, their role will be to protect them during the exhume. The situation also forced the family lawyer Gladyce  Nakibuuka to visit the scene to see the impulse to prove, but her efforts were less because of the court order that was still pending. The government was faulted for ignoring the stateman's family a…

The Controversial Bill

Uganda's head of state, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni started his campaigns with a slogan KisanjaHakunaMchezo( term of serious business). Initially the word kisanja had been used to remove term limits from the constitution. The hope sister together with the backing of the constitution article 102 remains at Museveni will not be eligible to offer himself when other presidential election comes. This belief is based on an interview on a certain tv station. Museveni stated it that a good leader should not exceed 75years in power basing on his ideology. While the interview is still being remembered by many, the speculations has grown that the ruling party leader is persuading NRM counterparts to grant him a chance to stand for the next presidency. According to the gazette, the official publication of Uganda released on 8th June, stated it that the country was bringing the constitutional amendment bill to the floor of the parliament.
While the contents of the bill are not yet public, sources c…

The Centenary Park Wrangles

A wrangle at centenary park turned up at parliament probed, conducted by members of parliament legal  state authorities and state enterprises. Stake holders include, National Water And Sewage Cooperation (NWSC), UNRA, KCCA and Nalongo Estates Ltd, the firm that has been  managing the the park. 
The probe was recently instituted by the speaker of parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga after the dispute threatened to style out of control. 
According to official from KCCA, Nalongo Estates failed to abide with their orders which required for demolition of the structures out of contract to pave way for the construction of a flyover voltage poles and sewage treatment plant. 
The committee shared by Bugweri county MP, Abdul Katuntu told the members that they were given enough time to carry out the probe and submit a report. kcca's Jennifer Musisi was the first to make submission accusing Nalongo Estates of failure to transform the park into a modern recreational park as it had been agreed under …

25 Chinese Arrested In Uganda

The 25 nationals are among the employees of China Communication Construction Company who are currently working on salt mining matters. Mazanga one of the administrators of the company said they have work permits but had just left them at Kampala. Efforts to get a comment from immigration office were futile as the officers at the scene declined to talk about the matter. The regional spokesperson Michael Odongo also declined to say anything that the immigration  officers will sort out the issue. The road runs from Teso College which is approximately 6kms away from the center of Soroti Town. The route covers a total length of approximately 100Kms and forms an important link in national road network and contribute significantly to the economic development of Northern Uganda.

No Vehicle Inspection Deadline

Minister clarifies that the deadline has just been removed and the exercise should continue. Before clouds of speculations had formed around the deadline for the vehicle inspection exercise provoking parliamentary legislators to react on the matters with fears of congestion at the inspection centers. 
Clearing the dust, the minister of states for works and construction, General Edward Katumba Wamala dismissed the speculations of 30th June vehicle inspection deadline earlier circulated. In a statement General Katumba Wamala said that;   Hon minister presented a statement on the floor of the parliament which stated there was no deadline on provision of the service.
The Hon speaker agreed and ruled that any announcement to this effect should stop and the ministry will run an announcement that there's no deadline.
Shading lights on the exercise, he clarified that private small vehicles are to be inspected twice annually and once for heavy trucks.
The inspection frequency is in con…

John Ssebana Kizito Checks Out

President, veteran politician and prominent business man, John Ssebana Kizito has passed on. According to medics at Nakasero Hospital, "his heart stopped yesterday morning at around 10:30am.
One of his Doctors narrated to us that;
"stroke was his condition, this is the condition where you have breakage of blood vessels in brain and once it happens, it cuts off blood supplied to the brain and the part of the brain stopps to work and that's what killed him."
Following the  stroke that hit him nearly 3weeks  ago, Ssebana was admitted in the ICU in Nakasero  Hospital after it affected his body and more especially his brain.
This was done with a hope  that one day will come out to see a new dawn.
Politicians, family members and friends have tenaciously eulogised the late as a man who was a good leader and overall a good man;
"He is one of the person who has lived an exemplary life, kind of a person one would like to emulate and he has left real a big legacy. As …

Facebook Adds On A New Feature, Find Wi-Fi

It's almost every day passes by, facebook adds a handy of features to it's app. In a row facebook has added the GIF comment feature and the profile picture protection support to it's platform.
Facebook understands the necessity of being connected that's why it's unveiling the "Find Wi-Fi" feature for users. The feature has been under test for  quite a month of Sundays since last year in a select countries for iOS users. Find Wi-Fi is now available globally for everyone across Android and iOS users. 
The feature (find wi-fi) is intended to allow users to locate hotspots near them shared by businesses with facebook on their page. The major target is the users traveling and those in areas with scarce connection. This is a great move taken by facebook to keep It's 2 billion monthly users glued to the network.

To use the find Wi-Fi feature, open the facebook app and scroll on more tab and select Find Wi-Fi. Now enable the feature to find the hotspots n…