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Don't Let Scammers Prey On You

Each and every the world is getting smart, internet is becoming a necessity, hope you have heard of Internet Of Things(IOT) and Li-Fi is the new competitor to Wi-Fi. Very soon we shall see drones connecting the world to internet. Internet is almost a basic need to the world. The way internet is simplifying life, the more people continue to use it.

According to statistics, 3,731,973,423 is the estimated number of internet users out of the estimated world population (7,519,028,970) and growth of users is estimated at an abnormal percentage of 900% for the past  17 years with  facebook estimated at 1.2 billion users, instagram at  700,000,000 users with  200 million daily users.

Are we  safe, do you take take time to secure your privacy online? Recently 3 Scammers from Nigeria were jailed for 235 for cyber offences, how sure are you if you are not the next victim.
avoid displaying your contacts online always,  especially on some social networks i always come across such posts "comment your contact number to add you to whatsapp group "
At the end of the day, you will find your self in no whatsapp group, what's the motives of such people? You heard about ransome, "the recent cyber attack".

Let your  contact number be private. In most cases we sign up using our contact numbers and malicious hackers may use that opportunity to divert messages and  calls to their  devices using  SS7(signaling system number 7) to hacker you. Am not going to dig deeper into hacking using SS7 because it's unlawful.

We do businesses, date, chat, learn and among other things online. Like on dating sites which are free, Scammers usually target them to get email addresses of the people and use fake photos of beautiful girls to contact you. Am not against online dating sites, but am against malicious people online. 

Picking a land title drawn in your names sounds  a bolt from blue, but on internet you can receive an email from  a  recorgnised company from a foreign country  searching for employees and wonder how lucky you are. 
An orphan asking for the the transfer of her late father's funds to your account, don't fall, it's all scam.
Like such email;

Hello dear friend,
How are you this days? Hope fine. I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that my late father's money transferred With the co-operation of a new partner from Switzerland. So presently i am in Switzerland for investment projects with my new partner. Mean while, I didn't forget your past efforts and willingness to assist me in transferring the money despite that it didn't work out the way we expected.

Since it was your wish to help me then, but it didn't work out, i just remember you for your past efforts to help me transfer the money, Now you have to contact the ATM VISA CARD OFFICE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY for them to issue you ($ 450,000.00 ATM VISA CARD) And i have discussed with the office management and he assured me that they are ready to issue you ATM visa card through their visa card payment center for you to be making withdrawals of your funds in your country or in any ATM Machine World wide. ATM office email address: (withheld)

You are advised to send your personal information to them to enable them commence with the issuing of the Visa Card to you without any delay and do not hesitate to contact them to issue the ATM Visa Card with daily limit of $50,000 to avoid delaying your fund or the fund been diverting to the Government account.

However, kindly contact the below person who is in position to issue and release your visa card to you.

Directorate of International Payment.

Imagine getting such money from strangers you have never associated with, the world could be kind.


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