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An Insight On Pillars Of Kenya's Jubilee Government

Election in Kenya is on way, from today up to the election day ontrend is going to keep you updated about campaigns, now it's upon you to rate the Jubilee government according on it's pillars. 

Pillar 1:

On national cohesion, the main focus was to eliminate ethnic division that had emerged due to polarising 2007 elections but the opinion is divided whether the government has succeeded in addressing this issue with several passed the country's feeling government left out and it's agenda due to claims on execute public appointments.

Security was also a key, the administration was confronted with the challenge of terrorism when they came to office and insecurity impasse the North Lift Region.
To-date the government has since equipped the security Agencies with neighbouring facilities such as vehicles, under the vehicles releasing programme, provided new equipments including hummered personnel carriers and arms and as well improved the terms of service for security personnel.

On trade and investment and foreign affairs shunned by international community due to crimes against humanity charges at the ICC, the Jubilee duo have worked on improving Kenya's standing in the international community and improve Kenya's profile that was seen global as a sin by other global leaders streaming to Kenya bring them with direct foreign investments.

On youth and empowerment, the major setback on genda equality, the government has failed to push through parliament despite the joint of the international assembly with 2/3 of gender rule.

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