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Microsoft Adds Security Patches To Curb Cyber Attacks

One of the days to remember  in history is 12/05/2017, on that day the world cried fowl to cyber attack known as ransomware wannacry. In that  incident more than 200,000 computers were encrypted from more than 150countries.
Windows OS was affected most since most companies were using the obsolete Windows  XP. Though Microsoft had stopped updates for WindowsXP, it has released the security patches for WindowsXP alongside other regular updates to cater for other Windows versions. 
In this case, users of WindowsXP are required to download and install the security patches to ensure safety against attacks. The download is available in two options, you can use Microsoft download center(here) or update catalog.  For those using Windows 8.1 or 10 supporting  auto update don't need to bother to take any action. For users managing their updates manually are required to update their systems to the latest to overcome the risks of cyber attacks.  Source:Microsoft

Don't Let Scammers Prey On You

Each and every the world is getting smart, internet is becoming a necessity, hope you have heard of Internet Of Things(IOT) and Li-Fi is the new competitor to Wi-Fi. Very soon we shall see drones connecting the world to internet. Internet is almost a basic need to the world. The way internet is simplifying life, the more people continue to use it. According to statistics, 3,731,973,423 is the estimated number of internet users out of the estimated world population (7,519,028,970) and growth of users is estimated at an abnormal percentage of 900% for the past  17 years with  facebook estimated at 1.2 billion users, instagram at  700,000,000 users with  200 million daily users. Are we  safe, do you take take time to secure your privacy online? Recently 3 Scammers from Nigeria were jailed for 235 for cyber offences, how sure are you if you are not the next victim.
avoid displaying your contacts online always,  especially on some social networks i always come across such posts "comm…

Tecno W5 Lite, The Mid Range Phone For You

Tecno W5 Lite is the  successor to tecno W4 and a competitor to W5. It's a mid range phone if you compare the price to it's specifications, you have to trust me. No doubt tecno will continue to dominate the emerging market of internet and smartphone users  with its budget friendly phones. One of the features I i love most about  the phone is micro intelligence and other cool specifications.
Tecno W5 Lite has micro intelligence, if you don't know how it works, this is the way to go.
With micro intelligence, users can quickly awake and sleep their phones by double  tapping the home screen.

In most cases user tend to forget to silence or switch off their phones especially in public gatherings and end up fumbling to silence the incoming calls. With micro intelligence, Silencing the incoming calls is hustle free, the user just needs to cover the screen with his or her palm to silence the calls.

Capturing screenshots for some contents is quite a complex,this applies on whatsapp…