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Kitty Hawk Flyer, The Flying Car

All those concepts watched in science fiction movies with time may soon become a reality. This time Larry Page, the founder of google bankrolled kitty hawk company to manufacture the first flying car as you see the images of it's prototype (early sample) aircraft. The mission of kitty hawk flyer is to make personal flight a reality as stated on their website.

  The kitty hawk flyer is an all electric air craft that is designed to fly over water and may be legal to fly over uncongested water areas in United States. It doesn't require a pilot's licence to fly and quite sad the company has no plans to ship it out side USA.
  The exact use of the flyer is not yet said and no price set for the retail version, but you can sign up for membership at $100 to get a $2000 discount on a complete flyer.

Facebook's Messenger Is Now Available In 132 Countries

Facebook has finally announced the new messenger lite globally just like facebook Lite to target users with low bandwidth connectivity especially in Africa and other developing countries where internet is unaffordable. The service has been available before in countries like Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Kenya and Venezuela and now expanded to 132 new countries.

  The Facebook's Lite version approach is giving it an advantage over it's rivals, being more user friendly than other versions giving it an upper hand to add more daily users than any other social media like twitter and snapchat. You can download it here

The High Wheels Shoes For Your Wardrobe

If you think your shoe wardrobe is  the best, oh, that's a day dream. when you watch this video then you will realise that beauty lies in the high wheels. You may not be a fun of them but trust me today you are likely to join the wagon.

 If you love high wheels shoes to wear, we got you covered today, in case you need one for office and other events, no doubt we made a wide range of selection to suit your needs. In case you need one you can locate the shop near you to join the era of high wheels.

Instagram Offline For Android

As a way of targeting users with low bandwidth connectivity, Instagram has finally got a new offline feature in the beta version of the instagram app for Android that that let's you engage with content with out connection.

  During a conference of instagram at the Facebook F8, Hendri demonstrated how the new offline will work. The users will be in position to browse images, visit profiles, like photos, comment on videos and photos and save media when you are offline and these will be updated once you are connected.   Hope this is a great innovation by instagram and the feature will suit users with limited data packages who are fans of instagram.

Africa's Got Talent

When we talk about talent, i think Africa is taking on the world by storm. when you take your time and focus on contents of African rising stars especially kids, trust me you will defend my statement.

  The video you see above features kids below five years and once you watch it you will appreciate the talent of little rising stars. One thing i love about Africans, they are so creative even without resources, their content is always good.

  Though good wine needs no bush, you need other videos to watch  like for Emmanuela one of Africa's notable little comedians.

Attention:HPV, The Kissing Disease

The general public is called upon to stop careless kissing due to an outbreak of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is an infectious viral disease which cause mouth cancer through contact with infected body fluids.
  The symptoms include sore throat, severe fever, vomiting, severe headache and abdominal pain. The HPV is gradually circulating in Africa and will soon hit the world at large.
 Africans travel to all parts of the world, so create awareness to prevent hitting the world in a short period of time.
  You're here by advised to inform family members, friends and colleagues about this deadly disease that kills instantly.

The Bear Butt Fashion

Every year has memories to recall about it, if you are still burrowing weasels for 2016,then you have no stories to tell. Fashion wise, 2017 is a year to remember and appreciation goes to the vetements, the French Fashion company who designed it.

  Ladies we are anticipating for you to embrace it and show what you mama gave you. Whoever On Trend does not recommend wearing it in night prayers, otherwise you may become a temptation. The same applies in night clubs, don't risk your self to hackers, though the decision upon you.

  Hope party animals and karaoke dancers,this bear butt fashion is nice to embrace, and we are eager to see you dressed up.

WhatsApp Digital Payment Service On Way

Being known as the leading messaging platform, WhatsApp is ready to earn from it's million users around the world. WhatsApp is to kick start it's digital payment service in India where it has millions of users estimated to be over 200 millions and expected to commence in a few months.

  The operation of the service remain to be seen, though it's necessary to know. WhatsApp used to charge a $1 subscription fee annually to users outskirts of emerging market before it was bought by Facebook.

  Countries in Africa and a country like India are currently booming with different kinds of mobile payment platforms that has caused a hike in the number of mobile payment apps at the moment. In Africa the biggest mobile payment platforms are run by Mobile Network Operators and of late, we see Banks following suit. As a popular messaging app use across worldwide, we can’t wait to see how WhatsApp will implement its digital payments service and which other countries it will roll it out…

YouTube Starts Live TV Streaming Service In USA

After the announcement last month, YouTube has unveiled live Tv streaming service in US today. The service is still available to five cities only packed with 35 networks and cable networks contents priced at $35 monthly.

  YouTube streaming service is available in 5 cities which include, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area,promising to extend the service to other cities. After the first month of payment, subscribers will be in position to enjoy a complimentary Google Chrome cast contents offered by the company. Expect contents from different channels like: Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN, ABC, National Geographical, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA, Fox Sports1, FX, NBC Sports Network, Free-form and Disney.

  The service allows users to record live TV as the cloud DVR can record content that will store recordings for nine months. YouTube TV works on both Android and iOS. The YouTube TV membership comes with six accounts, each with its own unique recommendations an…

Unveiling Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

After a long wait and several rumours, few days back  Samsung  finally launched the flagship Android phone for 2017. The Galaxy s8 and S8 + are  finally upon us and Samsung as started its new era of smartphone design extending their heritage of great innovation and outstanding design. Samsung sees the s8 as a smartphone that will unlock their user’s potential and imagination with their new AI called Bixby and more.
According to reports by Venture Beat, Samsung started accepting preorders for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Pus premium smartphones on March 30th  and will also include the new Gear VR headset, Oculus-powered controller, and a game pack for free. The phones will be available in stores on April 21st, at which time they’ll come with free AKG by Harman earbuds.
  Display: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have 5.8- and 6.2-inch 1 Quad HD+ screen, respectively. B comparison, the Galaxy S7 has a Super AMOLED Quad HD screen and 2560×1440 resolution.
Camera: While both versions have the sam…