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Adieu Cancer,The In-depth Research

Graviola is believed to be a cure for cancer whoever there is mixed reactions between pharmaceutical companies and local herbalists. On trend disclosed all about the plant and the take between the pharmacists and consumers,here is our full report ...

  Graviola comes from a tree in the rain forests of Africa, America and SouthEast Asia. Scientifically known as Annona muricata.
It is known as custard apple, cherimoga, guanabana,soursop, Brazilian paw paw, ekitaferi and other names.

 The flesh of the fruit consists of edible white pulp, some fiber and black seeds. The pulp is used to make fruit juice drinks, flavouring ice cream and other products.
  Guanabana provides powerful relief from a wide range of of syndromes.
  For centuries consumers use the leaves, roots, seeds and fruits to treat different syndromes like cancer, coughing, diabetes and other health complications.

  Graviola has health benefits listed below :
 Keeps the skin healthy
 Treating cancer
 Treating osteoporosis,…

Facebook To Start GIF Button For Comments

It looks like soon you will be able to comment on Facebook using GIFs. The social network has confirmed it plans to begin testing a GIF button for comments, according to TechCrunch. The GIF button will allow users to  post the animated images as responses in comments.   A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the addition of animated GIFs in an email to TechCrunch, Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that people want to be able to use them in comments. So we’re about to start testing the ability to add GIFs to comments and we’ll share more when we can, but for now we repeat that this is just a test.
  Facebook will test this feature with small group of people before rolling out to all users. The GIF button in Facebook Messenger allows users to browse trending GIFs and search for specific reactions. The report said it will work similarly on Facebook. Instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, iMessage and even Twitter support GIFs and the addition of a GIF button will bring Facebook in …

Tecno CX(10) Launched

Being known as the flagship smart phone brand in Africa, Tecno continues to maintain it's spot after launching the tecno cx. The Tecno C series is most known for superb cameras whoever the Cx is next to none specs wise. We tried out level best to disclose all the specifications you need to know about the Cx and it's upon you to add it on your shopping list or ignore it.

  Physical Size:5.6mm
  Pixel Density:400 PPI
  Features:1500:1contrast, 2D display
  Screen size:5.5 inch

  LED flash:Yes
  Rear camera:16mp with 120 degrees wide angle capacity
  Front camera:16mp

  System chip:MediaTek 6750T
  Processor:1.5GHz Octa core
  System Memory:2GB RAM
  Internal Storage:16GB ROM
  Storage Expansion:Yes, up to 128GB
  O.S:7.0 Nougat

  Light speed charge

  Dual sim :Dual micro sim

  Wi-Fi, mobile hot-spot
  USB:2.0,micro u…

Tecno L9plus The Battery King Hit Market.

Ontrend,our aim is to provide current and accurate information to our readers to keep them informed about recent news from different fields concerning technology.
  Early this March 2017,Tecno released its power king "Tecno L9plus" with a bigger battery of high capacity 5000mAh.The battery is capable of lasting for 72 hours on heavy use.

  On the other side it has cool specs shortlisted below:

          Device model:Tecno L9plus
          OS:7.0 Nougat
          Weight :180g
          Colours :Blue, Gold, Grey

                     Screen Size:6.0inches
                      Resolution :1280*720

                    Front:5mega pixels, LED flash
                    Back:13 MP, auto focus with LED flash.

                           System Chip:MediaTek
                           Processer:Quad Core 1.3GHz
                           System Memory:2GB RAM
                           Internal storage:16GB

Levi's Smart Jacket Featuring Google's Jacquard Hits Shelves.

Wearable technology is not a new concept. We have smart watches, smart headphones and even smart backpacks. But smart clothing? Levi's Commuter Jacquard by Google is Google's first official garment with the technology to allow user to interact with their devices in a more conformable and natural way.

   Google's ATAP division partened with Levi's to make the world's first smart jacket.
   The jacquard technology enables the wearers to access google services like maps, music, even calls especially when it's difficult to use your phone while riding.

   It's conductive fabric turn a standard piece of clothing into a connected gadget hence communicating with your smart phone like receiving calls.

How To Use Any Simcard In A Locked Modem

As internet is becoming a part of life and a basic need, we need some freedom to surf with out some restrictions. Some providers have price friendly packages, data speed, compared to others and in most cases you need to use different data sim cards.
  Here is a few steps to take to enjoy your internet surfing without sim card denial,

1. Download and install Nokia pc suit

2. Insert any Simcard in your modem and plug in your PC.

3. Modem indicates Simcard error.

4. Close your modem software.

5. Run Nokia pc suit.

6. Click on internet option .

7. Select your modem as phone modem to connect and surf the web.


Developers can start work on it today

For the second year in a row, Google is making a developer preview for the next version of Android available in March, well ahead of its presumed consumer release in the fall. This one is codenamed “O,” and your guess is as good as mine as to what dessert the final version will be named after. It isn’t yet available for regular users to try out. Although developers can begin testing it right away, it’s best for most people to let things stabilize a bit more before they try it out. Developers can download it today.

Google isn’t yet telling us everything that’s coming in O, but the marquee feature is meant to address a perennial smartphone problem that has seen equally perennial attempts at fixing it: battery life.

For O, Google is continuing its trend toward aggressively managing what apps can do in the background (as iOS has long done) to ensure that runaway processes don’t destroy your battery. As Android VP of engineering, Dave Burke, puts it: …

Public's Reaction to AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The notable  Assistant Inspector General Of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi was found dead lying in cold blood after being shot by unknown assailants at 9 am few metres away from his home. Kaweesi is not the first on the assailants' list, though the police has not been in position to produce a convincing report about the previous murder cases, and public extremists had mixed reactions about his fall.

 IF POLICE OFFICERS BEHAVE AND OPERATE LIKE THUGS THEN THUGS WILL EASILY BEHAVE AND OPERATE LIKE POLICE .THE ROBERT SHAKA . .  But seriously for crying out loud, can someone talk about the kasese mass grave and the undocumented dead bodies already decomposing in hundreds, then when one Ugandan dies, then the 'chicken littles start crying; the sky is falling ' YES, the death of kaweesi is a shock to all Ugandans just like the kasese killings that shocked the nation, the killings that few hours earlier he was justifying on a national tv. # every underdog has his day. . .  Mu…